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Automatic Public Toilets for Port of Los Angeles


In the course of the renovation works at the Port of Los Angeles, we received an order for the supply, delivery, erection, and installation of 3 Automatic Public Toilets of the CITYmatic® Type in October last year.

These represent high quality Automated Public Toilets - APT's - with glass facade, are rear-side coated, and bear the 'Gateway Project' Logo, and are also equipped with toilet seats and a high-pressure floor cleaning facility.Automatic Public Toilet type CITYmatic

After four weeks transportation, the toilet facilities were finally erected and installed. The Port has been reopened in the meantime, and the 3 APT's will shortly be commissioned.

The 3 Automated Public Toilets are part of the inauguration of the San Pedro Entrance Project. Visitors are welcomed here by the particular attraction of a fountain fanfare, where the jets of water dance to music and light effects are also played in at night.


One of the WC unit stands directly alongside the fountain fanfare, a second unit is located at the southern-most end of the circular drive, opposite the dock for the cruise ships, and alongside the Catalina Island ferry terminal. The third unit is situated further north on the circular drive to the 'Port of Call' and directly adjacent to the children's playground – also with water fountain fanfares. Taken all in all, these represent 3 very well visited sites, so that the Automatic Public Toilets will be available for use in the highly frequented summer months.

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