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modula® railway platform extensions for the railway station in Bedford, England


The Thameslink Project, within the scope of which Hering staff constructed modula® railway platforms for the Elstree & Borehamwood station in spring 2011, once again led us to Great Britain, to the town of Bedford (around 50 km to the north of London) in August.  Our assignment here on behalf of Network Rail (main contractor: Carillion, sub-contractor: Aspin) was to respectively extend an island platform and a side-boarding platform by 30m each.  Due to the fact that lines were only closed down for very limited times, a special foundation system, which was developed together with the Aspin company, was used here.

The prefabricated support whalers were laid on previously driven in profiles made of tubular steel.  The pile driving operations and also a large part of the prefabricated part mounting were preformed with the aid of road rail excavators provided by the Aspin Group. A device manufactured by Colmar with an extendable counterweight and a lifting force of up to 9 tonnes was particularly impressive. The mounting of both railway platform extensions, including jointing, was performed by the Hering crew in two shifts over just one weekend. The remaining work to be performed on the railings and gutter covers was performed on another weekend.

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