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modula® railway platform for Grifte station


The town of Grifte lies in North Hessen and is a district of the municipality of Edermünde in the Schwalm-Eder district. Since May 2011, the local train station features a free-standing, modular railway rc platform made by Hering. On behalf of ARGE “ESTW Guntershausen”, a work group consisting of the Klostermann Baugesellschaft mbH and the Hasselmann GmbH companies, a free-standing railway platform was built here on an embankment.

The platform length is 170 m; the height is 55 cm above head of rail. First of all, the work group built the foundation with the aid of a mobile crane, the platform slabs were then installed by Hering construction staff with the aid of a railway crane. The crew worked three day shifts in order to complete operations – one day shift more than originally planned. The crew actually had a massive obstacle to overcome: During the month of May, a concrete block weighing several tonnes crashed down from the lower side of the viaduct in Sechshelden (a district of the town of Haiger), which brought traffic on the A45 to a complete standstill – thus, the way to the construction site was also blocked.

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