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Premiere: “modula®light” railway platforms at the station in Wörth


The “light version” of the modular railway platform made by Hering was used for the very first time for a new construction of a railway platform. The distinctive features of the innovative system include several advantages with regard to transport and assembly operations. The commissioning of the construction of the two side-boarding platforms at the station in Wörth was delegated through Harsch Bau GmbH & Co. KG in Bretten (awarding authority: Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft mbH, Karlsruhe). The “light” construction design is essentially a free-standing, not backfilled type of side-boarding platform, of which the elements are considerably lighter than the usual modula® parts, which is due to the fact that the railway platform elements are not designed as Pi-slabs common to the modula® system, but that they are actually flat slabs with the added advantage of smaller dimensions.

light version of the rc platform type modula®

Within the scope of 4 night shifts, between the 11th and the 15th of October, the Hering crew built 2 side-boarding platforms each measuring 120 m in length. The elements were delivered by truck and unloaded and assembled with the aid of a mobile crane. Due to the low weight of the modula®light elements, four elements could be loaded onto each truck instead of the usual two elements per truck. This, of course, provides a cost-saving advantage with regard to transport. The foundations were constructed beforehand by the Harsch company, which provided the perfect requisite for a swift and smooth platform slab mounting operation.

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