3280 metres of track and two points renewed in Gladbeck

HERING's railway-construction division completed the Gladbeck project on behalf of the DB Netz AG in May 2018. A total of 3280 metres of track were renewed on the Gladbeck West – Gelsenkirchen Buer Nord line and two points – Nos. 71 and 72 – were converted over the construction period of 23 days.

Gladbeck track construction site in May 2018

The work brought unexpected challenges for the railway-construction team as approximately 400 metres of track was submerged in water up to the bottom edge of the rails as a result of defective deep drain. The dismantling of the tracks also caused water to ingress from the dammed area. The team responded immediately and developed a new strategy while recalculating the implementation. Additional large-capacity pumps were procured to solve the problem. Large-capacity pumps were used, the ground replaced and fleece installed along with Granular Mixture 1 to accelerate the completion of the work, which was achieved six hours before operations were due to restart in spite of further delays that were beyond our control.

‘There's no such thing as impossible!"

It was right in line with this motto that HERING was able to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

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