4 new toilet facilities for Rurscholle rest area

The next stop is a rest stop: take a short break, stretch your legs and, of course, visit the toilet. The Rurscholle service area on the A4 near Düren now offers enough space for this. During the renovation of the rest area, not only were 200 new parking spaces for trucks created, but also a total of 4 modern sanitary buildings for car drivers and tuckers.

16 toilet pans, 12 urinals and 6 squat toilets are now located at the Rurscholle North and South rest area. HERING Sanikonzept GmbH has built a total of 4 sanitary facilities here (2 in each direction of travel). Now there is one more compact, single-row and one more complex, double-row toilet facility on each side of the road. Since about one third of the traffic on the major west-east link road is accounted for by HGVs, it was a particular concern to also offer them sufficient sanitary facilities.


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