A brand-new shiny facade in Marburg

Marburg is the district city of the central Hesse county of Marburg-Biedenkopf and is located on the Lahn River. The outstanding sights are the Elisabeth Church, the old university, the landgrave palace as well as the quaint and beautiful historic centre. With Philips University, which was founded in 1527, Marburg is home to the world’s oldest Protestant-founded university.

Today, its buildings and students still define the cityscape. The cityscape is also characterised by the new facade of a commercial building on Universitätsstraße, with a blasted surface of white architectural concrete.

The facade is part of the revitalisation of existing buildings in which retail stores and a parking garage are located. The facade was just recently completed and captivates through its solid construction, depth and elegance. In a static context, this is a so-called stacked facade. In the process, the individual elements, such as a modular construction system, are stacked on top of each other and fastened to the shell in a concealed manner.

In total, 270 facade elements totalling 2500 m2 of facade areas were built by HERING Bau. Due to the very cramped city centre location, some of the elements had to be assembled using a telescopic forklift. The up to 10-metre-long supports in the lower floors were transported to the construction site and set up using a mobile crane. What made it even more difficult was the assembly work of lifting platforms, since there was insufficient room for erecting the facade scaffolding.

In conclusion, we determined that the effort was worth it and a very nice new building was constructed that beautifully integrates into the Marburg city centre.

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