A ‘toilet for everyone’ now also on Passyplatz in Pfullingen

The city of Pfullingen commissioned us in 2018 to realise a ‘Toilet for Everyone’ WC (equipped with a nursing couch and a patient lifter) and two Flexi Kit installation modules.

The particular location with a narrow access road and car park under Passyplatz meant that it was not possible to carry out the building work and reach the area by truck. A forklift truck was consequently used to transport the Flexi Kit system from Makrtplatz (the market square) to Passyplatz.

The vendors already start to set up the weekly market from six o'clock in the morning so it was necessary to commence the building work before sunrise – which was not a problem for our experienced assembly team!

The revamped Passyplatz was able to present itself with a beautiful new and functional WC facility soon after.

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