Aachen Rothe Erde infrastructure project: Major contract for HERING Bahnbau

HERING Bahnbau GmbH was commissioned in December 2018 by DB Netz AG, Portfolio Knoten Köln (Cologne Junction), to implement the ‘Aachen Rothe Erde – Plan Approval Section 2 – Civil Engineering Lot 2.1’ construction project. The project’s main focus was the realisation of an overtaking facility for passenger / high-speed traffic on the west-east Paris – Brussels – Cologne – Amsterdam / London (PBKAL) mainline that would improve operational quality.


Rail and points construction

HERING has been tasked with supplying almost all aspects of the constructional services for an infrastructure project in the area that falls within the responsibility of the Deutsche Bahn along with providing extensive track- and point-installation work (10 concrete points possessing a radius of 760 metres, approximately 3,000 metres of new and reconstructed track with extensive ground improvements).

Structural engineering

HERING Bahnbau’s ‘Structural Engineering’ division put in place a junction structure for the overtaking system over a period of eight months. The bridge structure here was realised with a 17.45-metre-long superstructure with steel girders set in concrete (rolled girder-in-concrete structure).  The bridge’s substructures were implemented using abutments, wings, pile caps and drilled piles. Five drilled piles are located beneath the abutments.

Noise abatement

The ‘Noise Abatement’ division at the HERING Group is installing three new noise barriers that consist of steel posts and an infill of aluminium cassettes as well as transparent noise barrier elements for the purposes of protecting the residents from the noise generated across the rail system. It was necessary to build the noise barriers up to a height of four metres along a stretch of 1.1 kilometres in total.

Cable engineering

Extensive underground cabling work is being carried out over a length of around 12 kilometres along Line 2600 to enable the new system be connected to the signal boxes at Aachen’s and Stolberg’s main stations. The sections – which also cover the Eilendorf Tunnel, the Nirmer Tunnel and the listed Burscheider Viaduct – deserve particular mention here as they presented especially difficult challenges during the installation of the underground cabling.

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The HERING Group is able to generate synergies within the group and – as a consequence of the short distances and flat hierarchies that characterise it – guarantee smooth project flows. HERING recommends itself as a service provider that operates across the entire field of construction engineering!

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