Ascension Day commando

HERING Bahnbau has been building the converting of the tracks at platforms 5, 6 and 7 at Frankfurt süd Railway Station including the renovation of the substructure since the middle of April. The railway station is open during the entire conversion, merely the platform of the respective platform under conversion is naturally not open during conversion work. There is a neighbouring track available for the railway builders for the delivery or removal of materials (ballast, beams etc.) – meaning there is more activity at night!

Platforms 6 and 7 were completed at the beginning of May.

On the four days of Ascension Day weekend, six HERING crews from Burbach were occupied with the conversion of Platform 5 around the clock.

Finally, the railway sidings are being replaced at the weekend of Whitsun and everything will be up and running again on 22 May.

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