Auf’m Hennekamp in Düsseldorf – Full speed ahead at the week-end!

Auf‘m Hennekamp at the corner of Himmelgeisterstrasse – an extremely busy artery running through Düsseldorf and forming the north-south link.

“Small but perfectly formed” was what the HERING track laying specialists said to themselves when the contract was awarded.Rheinbahn AG, the client and public transport authority for Düsseldorf and the surrounding area, had planned to modify 2 sets of points and a crossing and placed the contract with HERING on 05.07.2016, just 9 working days before the starting date. Mobilisation for the contract had therefore to proceed at full speed if work on site was to be finished by completion date. Local authorities and agencies, logistics staff and equipment as well as the availability of men and machines all had to be coordinated in a very short space of time. A special feature of the job was that the excavation work to access the neighbouring switches had to be done very carefully to avoid damage to the sleepers. We then had to weld on the new tie bars in the joint.

All went well and the work was completed in record time to everyone’s satisfaction!

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