Baltic Sea: temporary platforms by HERING

We received an order for two of HERING’s temporary platforms for the Baltic Sea resort of Lindaunis in summer. Depenbrock Bau GmbH & Co. KG commissioned us with the planning, delivery, assembly, holding available and removal of two temporary platforms.

The temporary platforms with lengths of 55 metres and 105 metres were installed in September at the historic bascule bridge in Lindaunis, which is located directly on the Schlei River. The ‘Schleswig-Holstein Magazin’ reported on 19 September 2022 that the Lindaunis Bridge would be closed due to construction work until 2025. Only pedestrians and cyclists would still be able to use the bridge across the Baltic Sea.

Passengers would have to use temporary stops until the 95-year-old bridge across the Baltic Sea inlet had been renewed. Trains arrive north and south of the bridge where passengers are then able to disembark or board thanks to HERING’s temporary platforms. Passengers who need to reach their connecting train on the other side have a transfer time of 12 minutes to get across the 250-metre-long bridge.

HERING’s team was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over the Baltic Sea after a successful night shift.


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