Baltic seaside resort Prerow Special WC system with sports equipment room

Whether ball sports, kayaking or yoga: there is no shortage of activities for sports enthusiasts at the sports beach in Prerow. A new, barrier-free WC facility is now also available.

Construction of the new city WC facility in Prerow.

The two-part special WC building with concrete sandwich façade comprises a sanitary area with a barrier-free ladies' and a men's area. On top of that, a sports equipment room with separate access has been added. This provides more storage space and stowage area and enables quick access to the required equipment.

Hering Sanikonzept is committed to protecting the environment and conserving resources and managing them sustainably. That is why the company also takes back used facilities whose core component is still in good condition and prepares it for resale: This also applies to the 29-year-old octagonal WC facility in the centre of Prerow, which was dismantled on the same day.

Disassembly of the old city WC facility.

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