Barrier-free – self-cleaning – sustainable: 43 WC facilities for Düsseldorf

A total of 22 existing WC facilities are being replaced with new ones in Düsseldorf. Another 21 WC facilities are being added to make a total of 43 new ones in the state capital.

The first of a total of 22 WC facilities has been replaced at the Auf'm Hennekamp location, in the immediate vicinity of the urban railway’s Volksgarten station. It’s now available to both residents of and visitors to Düsseldorf. The other 21 WC facilities are to be gradually dismantled over the course of the year and replaced with new barrier-free ones by HERING Sanikonzept. An additional 21 new modular WC facilities are to be built from 2024.

The new city WC facilities are not only barrier-free and self-cleaning. Their green roofs and the sustainable methods used to build them also represent an important contribution to climate protection. The roofs on these WC facilities, which resemble a traditional jester’s cap, are one of the installation’s special features.

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