Beautiful white architectural concrete shell for the Deutsche Bundesbank

The Deutsche Bundesbank has its NRW headquarters in Düsseldorf and also operates 6 branches in the state of NRW. One of them is currently being built - in Dortmund. The side outbuildings and the administration building in the middle were clad in a beautiful white HERING architectural concrete shell. Our colleagues in the precast factory have produced a total of 800 precast parts!

Photo: Deutsche Bundesbank - Dortmund Branch - with white architectural concrete façade

The branches of the Deutsche Bundesbank supply the economy with euro cash. They offer private customers a free and unlimited exchange of D-Mark banknotes and coins. For this reason, the topic of security is understandably very important, and photographing on the construction site, for example, is not permitted - hence this view from a distance.

The project is now almost finished, with flying colours. Not only the customer's security precautions were demanding, but also its deadlines and the project managers.

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