Burbach has a new public toilet facility: A showpiece for the Burbacher square

Burbach has a new public toilet facility and who else but Hering was to build it?!

As of now all residents and visitors of the Burbach shopping center are free to use the toilet facility.Hering received the contract for the construction in May this year and since the beginning of November the toilet facility has been free to the public. Mayor, Christoph Ewers, who opened the toilet facility, noted that he has not yet opened a project like this in his 12.5-year term.

The accessible toilet facility was constructed with an attractive glass facade that pictures a map of the Rothaarsteig (hiking map of the region). It has automatic toilet seat and floor cleaning and also includes a urinal. In addition to the construction, Herings is also responsible for the cleaning and maintenance.For Hering it is nice to have a reference project of its kind so close to the company.

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