Carbon reinforced prefabricated panels for Remstal bridges

Developments made by HERING being used in Remstal

Beginning in summer 2018, Reiner Grebe, HERING Bau, reported on the joint development with the Stuttgart-based engineering firm, Knippers-Helbig. A thin pavement slab for pedestrian bridges was developed together with the aim of installing it in bridges in the Rems valley.

We don’t make things easy on ourselves

The special feature of this concrete slab is the very detailed component thicknesses, which were made possible by substituting the steel reinforcement with carbon. The slab thickness is only 80 mm, with dimensions of about 6 m in length and 3.20 m in width. In the course of the development, HERING had already produced a prototype of the plate and delivered it to Remstal. The concrete used is anthracite-coloured and has a high resistance to frost and de-icing agents.. The surface of the slab was sandblasted to provide slip resistance. (Excerpt from report by Reiner Grebe, 2018)

Innovative pedestrian and cycle path bridges in filigree timber construction

The joint development of HERING and Knippers-Helbig was used in 2019 for three bridges in the Rems valley near Stuttgart. The reason for this is a nice one – within the scope of the National Garden Show in 2019, the idyllic landscape, which was infused by rives and vineyards, the pedestrian and bicycle bridges “Urbacher Mitte”, “Birkelspitze” and “Häckermühle”, was constructed.

The three bridges were based on the “Stuttgarter Holzbrücke” concept, a research project which was recognised with the German Wood Construction Prize 2017.
The Stuttgart wooden bridge is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge consisting of a block-glued main supporting structure of spruce glulam as a stepped cross-section. The bridge makes a good impression through its delicate appearance.

In order to make everything perfect, the lightweight carbon plates manufactured by HERING were selected as the surface for the bridge. Per order of the Weinstadt city administration, the Urbach community as well as Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH & Co. KG, the “thin” plates were transported by auto crane with dump truck and then assembled in Weinstadt and Urbach (near Stuttgart).

Due to the carbon reinforcement of the prefabricated parts, the plates, which now rest on the wooden-steel constructions of the three bridges, are thin-walled and light. The thickness varies from 80 mm to 120 mm. The plates manufactured by HERING offer numerous advantages for future-oriented bridge surfaces: thin plates with an incredible load carrying capacity, low weight, and high endurance.

Photos: Architectural photography by Burkhard Walther

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