Complex, exciting, fits! HERING builds new railway overpass in Sigmaringen/Laiz

It was anything but an easy task that our client, DB Netz AG, presented us with: The railway overpass in Sigmaringen/Laiz was to be renewed - the old bridge from 1878 was to be demolished and the new bridge put into operation while maintaining railway operations and within a closure period of only 200 hours! 

YouTube: HERING builds new railway overpass in Sigmaringen/Laiz

The project plan of HERING Bahnbau was correspondingly demanding. A new bridge was constructed about 25 metres next to the existing bridge. During the closure period, the existing overpass was demolished, the new bridge was moved into its final position and finally lowered by 1.60 metres - a question of prudent planning and optimum timing. But it got even more exciting.

The installation of the bored piles once again placed the highest demands on the HERING team. Twelve bored piles - six of them with a length of eleven metres each - were installed through the old foundation. When the bridge was lowered, the openings in the frame walls specially made for this purpose had to fit exactly into the bored pile heads - work requiring millimetre precision. And we did it!

The strong and close cooperation of all those involved in the project made it possible and railway operations were able to be resumed safely and on time. Chapeau, HERING Bahnbau!

Project details

  • Start of planning and static calculations in August 2020.

  • Construction site clearing and access roads as of February 2021.

  • Construction of the new railway overpass in lateral position from March to July 2021.

  • Blocking break, demolition of the old railway overpass, shunting and lowering of the new railway overpass in a 200-hour blocking break from 25 July to 2 August 2021.

  • Remaining work and landscaping by 31 October 2021 (end of contract).

  • Superstructure work carried out by the employees of HERING Bahnbau GmbH.

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