DB Netz AG: User approval granted for the low Gabione-type noise barrier

DB Netz AG Zentrale issued user approval for the nSSW, Gabione type, with effect from 2 January 2019 based on Approval GZ 21.51-21; zbia / 028 ff granted by the Eisenbahnbundesamt (EBA – Federal Railway Authority) on 12 May 2017 and the acoustic approval by DB Systemtechnik on 4 July 2018.


Low noise barrier in Andernach, Germany

The approval was issued in accordance with the following key data: Gabione-type Silenzio Forte (galvanised wire baskets with fill) and with internal concrete core and absorber mat for maximum line speeds of V ≤ 160 km/h with heights exceeding the top edge of the rail at 53 or 74 centimetres and a standard distance to the track axis of 1.78 metres.

Hering had already built the first noise barriers of this type in 2011 as part of the federal government’s Infrastruktur-Beschleunigungsprogramm II (IBP – Infrastructure Acceleration Programme).

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