Development of a carbon concrete slab for pedestrian bridges

Together with the engineering office Knippers-Helbig based in Stuttgart, Hering has developed a thin covering slab for pedestrian bridges. These are intended to be used for four bridges in the Rems valley.

The special feature of this concrete slab is the very detailed component thicknesses, which were made possible by substituting the steel reinforcement with carbon.

The slab thickness is only 80mm, with dimensions of about 6m in length and 3.20m in width.

In the course of the development, Hering had already produced a prototype of the plate and delivered it to Remstal. The concrete used is anthracite-coloured and has a high resistance to frost and de-icing agents. The surface of the slab was sandblasted to provide slip resistance.

The implementation of the first projects is planned for the end of 2018.

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