Ehningen railway bridge successfully renewed

HERING Bahnbau GmbH has completed the renewal of a railway bridge in Ehningen, a town south of Stuttgart, on behalf of DB Netz AG. The site was prepared for the work in the middle of January 2019 and the Eichendorffstrasse was opened to traffic on schedule at the end of October. 


We were able to start the formwork and concrete work once the site had been cleared. The bridge structure was completed – including sealing work – alongside the old structure as a reinforced-concrete half frame within a three-month period of construction.

The 100-hour closure of the line from 12 to 16 June 2019 was used to realise around 170 square metres of longitudinal track shoring as sheet piling with steel infill, dismantle 80 metres of track, remove and dispose of around 5,000 square metres of excavated earth, take down 80 metres of noise barrier, completely demolish and dispose of the around 100-year-old bridge, including abutment walls and foundations, and then push the new structure from the location where it was built alongside the old one into its final position. The insertion of the frame structure with a total weight of 1,150 tonnes was completed without incident in just one hour. Once the half frame (28 metres of travelling distance) had been pushed into place and the transport structure removed, it became possible to backfill the new structure with suitable earthworks material and restore the superstructure.

The line closure was followed by more formwork and concrete work. Four abutment walls were also shuttered and concreted within a very short construction time. The shoring girders were burnt down to 1.70 metres above the top edge of the rails and the strapping, including GEWI anchors, was removed during the nightly line closures.

Earthworks, civil engineering and road-construction work were then carried out during the final construction period, which lasted only two months. The embankments were restored and a total of around 1,700 square metres of soil material was put in place and the public utilities’ supply lines were moved into their final position. 


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