EMAS revalidation audit 2019 – successfully concluded!

This year saw another revalidation audit being carried out at the company. Environmental management is submitted to more detailed scrutiny every three years for the purposes of confirming the conditions for the renewal of the certification for successful participation in EMAS.

The audit took place in Burbach and Essen from 4 to 6 September 2019. This was already the fourth time that Mr Jungblut spent three days as the external GüteZert auditor at our company. The documentation and environmental management processes were inspected at both locations.

What was new this year was that we also prepared our first sustainability report, which the auditor also carefully checked along with the pure environmental statement.  The company premises in Burbach and Essen were also inspected in addition to the reviews that all the documentation was subjected to.

As in previous years, the auditor was able to make many suggestions for improvements but the overall result remained positive. The electrical testing systems, the new storage of hazardous materials at Sanikonzept and the taking into account of sustainability criteria in purchasing received special praise.

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