Engineering and track construction on the"Lahn- project”

In the second and third centuries, a Roman border fort and the Limes crossed the Lahn River here. Later on, Bad Ems became one of Germany‘s most famous bathing resorts and finally in the 19th century a world-renowned spa and summer residence of numerous European monarchs. That includes for instance Emperor Wilhelm I and the Russian Tsars Nicholas I and Alexander II. They all walked along the railway platform in the Bad Ems railway station, which still stands here today in 2015.

Surprisingly, it even weathered the renewal of the railway station track No. 2 accomplished by HERING Bahnbau. After all, not only at this historical site but along the lower Lahn from Bad Ems through Nassau, Balduinstein, Laurenburg, Fachingen up to Diez, from 25.07 – 24.08.2015 HERING Bahnbau contributed a great deal to the realisation of the DB project “ESTW Lower Lahn”. This time, the entire railway construction was involved, i.e. civil engineering including track construction from Burbach and Essen. In the process, both tracks and points as well as platforms and rail crossings were renovated.


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