Environment ambassador: Ex-Minister Klaus Töpfer back at HERING after 30 years

Klaus Töpfer, the former Minister for the Environment, who has received many accolades and awards, made a second visit to the HERING Group.

Dr. Klaus Töpfer iwith Annette Hering and Christoph Ewers

Klaus Töpfer was interested and enthusiastic about the sustainable and resource-saving innovations that the family-run business in Holzhausen is developing in the field of concrete construction. Be it textile concrete, solar façades or recyclable toilet facilities – Klaus Töpfer praised the product philosophy as well as the corporate culture and strategy into all of which sustainability and climate protection had been firmly incorporated. HERING had already published an environmental statement in 1995 and had prepared an updated sustainability report in 2021.

The HERING Group presented a first comparison of the significant values from 1995 and 2021 to Klaus Töpfer.

“Today, where important building materials are concerned, we use only one-third of what we were using 27 years ago,” Annette Hering said, describing the success. This reduction comes in spite of the fact that the company has grown from 388 to 560 employees and sales have increased from € 90 million (DM 180 million) to € 128 million over the same period. The number of kilometres travelled annually had been significantly reduced from 7.85 million kilometres to 5.28 million kilometres in spite of the company’s growing workforce. The company fleet now also includes 44 hybrid vehicles, Annette Hering said.


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