Exceptional customer toilets for a petrol station in Berlin

“I’m looking for a company that can do more than just build”, that was the gist of our first telephone conversation with our later client. “Could you develop some modern and exceptional customer toilets for our network of petrol stations? Toilets that differ from the rest? We want to stand apart from the competition, we want to be different!“

“Sure”, was our answer, “who else but HERING?”. And this how in July 2016, cooperation started with an oil company. The task consisted first in combining this “other” design with suitable materials because design and materials should be compatible. Toilets are invariably quite small, almost cramped. Therefore the challenge was to ensure maximum practicality, functionality, quality and usability from the necessary equipment in a small room while gaining space…

The whole thing was a success! We first built a sample room on a 1:1 scale, invited our customer who showed interest in our prefabricated build, reviewed production and the sample room, and assessed those of course. A few details were amended and the design was set.

A pilot project was to be implemented first in Berlin. After we offered the project, we received the order in early March 2017. It took us two weeks only (13.03.-24.03.2017) to convert the customer toilets there. It was a new experience for our fitter, all by himself on location, but it went all very smoothly thanks to the excellent support from our long-time business partner. Our customer was delighted with our services and praised in particular our exceptional commitment.

The project in Berlin was only the beginning and further discussions have already been held; 5 to 7 projects are still on the agenda for this year. The fact that we are getting these orders is a good sign. Major rollout should start in 2018 and be completed within 3 years.

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