Five HERING system roofs constructed at Bebra railway station

Working on behalf of Hasselmann GmbH, HERING installed a total of five system roofs of the Bodenheim light type at Bebra railway station.

The railway station has been completely modernised and converted to make it accessible. The extensive conversion work began in the summer of 2013. As part of the modernisation, teams of HERING workers constructed five system roofs of the Bodenheim light design in different sizes. The first roof was erected in the summer of 2013, two more followed in the spring of 2014, and the final work on roofs 4 and 5 was completed in the spring of 2015. The work to convert the railway station also involved the construction of new stairways, underpasses and platforms. Modern display boards, a guidance system for visually impaired people and lifts complete the picture.

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