Gargantuan project at year’s end in Düsseldorf

The completed underground Wehrhahn Line in Düsseldorf also required the tram lines to be reorganised. The subject of the tender was the production of a new platform connection from and to the north and west in the Berliner Allee/Graf Adolf Strasse junction area. For this purpose, 165 m of new platform space, 6 track switches and 4 crossings were needed for the implementation of the new and required connections. The existing platform connections to and from the north and east were unnecessary, and were decommissioned.

As this activity had to be completed in the winter, HERING was responsible for all winter construction measures that were necessary during concreting, welding, etc. Berliner Allee is a crucial inner-city main road in a north-south direction. Likewise, Graf Adolf Strasse is a crucial main road in an east-west direction. Due to the adjacent office and commercial buildings, there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic. We were also responsible for the relevant traffic safety measures.

Construction took just 5 weeks. Every day until 21.01.2016, at least 10 employees had to go above and beyond so that this main crossing could become operational again in a timely manner.
At the weekend – 21.02.2016 – Düsseldorf celebrated the grand opening, and all those involved are proud and pleased that everything went so smoothly.

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