German Design Award for the new MC Bauchemie building

Architects from SSP AG received the German Design Award for this project. This was thanks to the composition of the selected structure, the layout of the office in a crown shape and the colour and material selection of carbon-reinforced and grey-dyed concrete. The project’s special feature is that the thin perforated panels which light the logistics areas are products from HERING with approval for specific use.


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MC Bauchemie Bottop, Photo: Jörg Hempel

About the project

The MC Bauchemie headquarters in Bottrop Am Kruppwald was extended and reconstructed, with a large new building which came to over 3,000 m2 and refurbishment of numerous areas.

HERING Architectural Concrete contributed the façades: the extension building makes an impression with a total of 409 betoShell®NEO30 elements in anthracite with carbon reinforcement and an acidified surface. The logistics area and the raised office level take the spotlight together with the aesthetically attractive concrete façade. Approvals for specific use were required for the production of thin perforated and illuminated panels.

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