Getting big things rolling: HARTMUT joins HERING’s family of locomotives

HERING Bahnbau added a Class 218 locomotive, affectionately known as HARTMUT, to its logistics fleet at the beginning of the year. HARTMUT gets a new look: Red was turned into HERING blue and, with the help of the fresh painters, HARTMUT now roams the railway networks of Germany as a work of graffiti art.

HARTMUT is a four-axle diesel locomotive with a powerful 3,000 horsepower and a top speed of 140 kph. Which is really fast. Along with its EMMA and MOLLY locomotives and 22 RENS carriages, HERING Bahnbau is getting big things rolling in the field of rail transport.

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Technical details:

Four-axle 218-series diesel locomotive.
Vehicle number:
Top speed:                                        

140 kph
79 t

The colleagues at HERING Bahnbau’s logistics team are genuine all-rounders who travel the length and breadth of Germany on behalf of many companies operating in the railway industry. The range of services includes:

  • Provision of personnel
  • Carriage hire
  • Relocation journeys
  • Work trains
  • Comprehensive track-installation logistics

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