Greifswald: Facelift for toilet facility

What do you do with an old toilet facility?

When toilet facilities get old and reach the end of their service life, that doesn’t mean they have to be demolished. The building’s base substance often remains in good condition.

Toilet facilities from HERING Sanikonzept GmbH have a very long service life and can always be repaired or renovated. This is the case with the Greifswald project. We took back an old facility from the Leopoldplatz and modernised it, both in terms of technology and visually. The modern glass façade and new equipment details are now in tune with the times again. From the Leopoldplatz, the toilet facility was installed in its new home after the upcycling.

Visitors headed for Wieck/Greifswald can’t fail to notice the new, old toilet facility located at the town entrance, on the first large gravel parking lot “an der Mühle”.

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