Half a decade: MY CLOUD Transit Hotel

The MY CLOUD transit hotel being run by HERING Service GmbH is already celebrating its fifth anniversary. It welcomed its first guests on 6 March 2017. The hotel has been open 24/7 since then. Developments to date have been rapid.

The company has continued to develop since it was established. It has consequently been breaking its booking records every year since then. While the hotel registered just over 8,000 bookings in its founding year, for example, that figure reached around 13,000 in 2018, around 16,200 in 2019 and totalled around 18,000 in 2020 before it exceeded the 23,400 mark in 2021.

“Five years of MY CLOUD Transit Hotel is a genuine milestone for us. We’ve achieved a great deal in that time. Our bookings are currently at peak levels,” hotel manager Michelle Richmond-Kreuz said. “We’ve grown with our tasks, continuously developed both ourselves and our concept and have expanded our range of services accordingly. Many partnerships and collaborations have also been entered into.”

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