Hamburg: Core renovation of sanitary solution at the Außenalster

The HERING Sanikonzept GmbH team completely refurbished an existing WC building in Hamburg.

The extravagant location made this project special mostly because the WC facility is located on Alte Rabenstraße directly on the shores of the Außenalster, the Outer Alster Lake, and just 50 centimetres above water level. The fact that it is a very popular leisure-time destination, particularly with many runners and recreational athletes, meant that the sanitation solution above all needed be able to cope with high visitor volumes.

The facility includes a men’s area with double fitted washbasins and three urinals as well as a unisex area with four toilet user rooms and a triple fitted washbasin. And the little ones were also catered for: One washbasin and one urinal were adapted to children’s height.

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