Hamburg Hafencity: modula® platforms for a superlative construction project

Ten city quarters are emerging directly on the Elbe, in the former harbour area. Hafencity, a new district of the Hanseatic city, has been under construction since 2003. A total of ten quarters unite glazed office, commercial and residential buildings, a ship harbour, a terminal for cruise ships, a university and, of course, the most famous building in the district: the Elbe Philharmonic Hall.

Hafencity – Elbbrücken Quarter: Work in the eastern part of HafenCity is still ongoing. In the far east of Hamburg's Hafencity, the railway line crosses the harbour area. This is where the Elbbrückenquartier (Elb River Bridge Quarter) is being constructed. Companies, hotels, retail trade and gastronomy will find their homes here; the construction of numerous apartments is also planned.

By order of Ed. Züblin AG, Hamburg, a total of 89 precast elements for two HERING modula® outdoor platforms were delivered to Hamburg by truck. The HERING prefabricated components are all unique specimens without a repetition factor because the track lies in an area with a steep longitudinal gradient and also in a curved configuration, which has made design and production a significant challenge. As early as autumn 2018, employees of the HERING Group were deployed in Hamburg's youngest district with the KRC 910 railway slewing crane. Using this crane from the HERING fleet, the unloading and lifting of the platform elements began at the newly built "Elbbrücken" urban railway stop. The new quarter will be connected to local public transport. A 70 m long pedestrian bridge connects the new urban railway station with the existing underground station. At the end of March, the two side platforms with lengths of 265 m and 252 m were completed. The elements were assembled by EMS Gleisbau.

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