HERING Bahnbau: Track and points reconstruction in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe (Lot 5)

HERING Bahnbau GmbH was tasked with the reconstruction of a total of 10 points and around 500 metres of track in Construction Phases 1 and 2 during the two-week closure over the Easter period with a further two points being rebuilt the following weekend. Special technical feature: These were exclusively inner curve switches, which all had to be installed with 80 to 100 millimetres of track cant!

It was still possible to pre-assemble all the points in spite of the limited space available at the neighbouring Kassel shunting yard. The transportation of the points from Kassel shunting yard to Kassel Wilhelmshöhe, in particular, required detailed planning and preparation because the routes were long and in some cases crossed business premises. That required our employees’ know-how and skilful handling of the site machinery: The points were moved to the vicinity of the installation site and laid with the aid of cranes – all entirely while services were paused during the night.

Everything went well and we are looking forward to work commencing on our next major construction project in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe – which will be as early as this autumn.

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