HERING builds four noise barriers in Erfurt for the Deutsche Bahn

HERING’s noise-barrier team has been working in the Bischleben district of Erfurt since September 2020.

The Deutsche Bahn is erecting four noise barriers over a distance of two kilometres in the Bischleben district of Erfurt as part of the ‘Lärmsanierung an bestehenden Schienenwegen der Eisenbahnen des Bundes’ programme, which is a project aimed rehabilitating noise barriers along existing federal railway lines. A symbolic ground-breaking ceremony has already taken place. A camera crew also arrived at the site on 14 December 2020 to produce a live feed for YouTube.

A total length of around 6,500 kilometres in 2,200 towns and municipalities are to be rehabilitated within the programme. The Deutsche Bahn wanted to celebrate the completion of 2,000 kilometres and record the milestone in sound and vision.

The key figures for the four noise barrier walls that HERING is building in Erfurt-Bischleben:

Measure:                    Four noise barriers with a height of three metres above the top edge of the rails

Total length:               1,912 metres

Noise Barrier 1:          Section from Wasserweg to Erfurt-Bischleben station, 667 m long

Noise Barrier 2:          Section from Wasserweg to Bahnstraße, 282 m long

Noise Barrier 3:          Section from Am Laitrand to the siding in the Marlex business park, 128 m long

Noise Barrier 4:          Section from the siding in the Marlex business park to Möbisburger Weg, 835 m long


We’re expecting to have completed the measures along with all special structures by June 2021.

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