HERING cleaning vehicle will be cleaning the ballast bed in Brussels for another five years

On 15/06/2015, once more StiB in Brussels awarded us a contract to keep their tramway network “in good shape” during the next five years. In at least 120 night shifts per year, we drive our new track-cleaning vehicle through Brussels and free – mainly in the area of the stations – the ballast bed of brake sand and the usual refuse.

After about 25 years of operation, our vehicle deserved to go into retirement. Therefore, we used this occasion as an opportunity to order a new vehicle. After various challenging coordination discussions on the dimensions, extraction technology and emission standards, we ultimately decided in favour of a carbon copy of our present vehicle.

For the construction of this unique specimen, we decided on the competent partnership with “Zweiweg+Brock Saugtechnik”, which will ceremonially hand over this special-purpose vehicle to us at the end of May during IFAT 2016 in Munich.

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