HERING side-boarding platform type modula® for Rhein-Ruhr Express

By order of DB S&S Construction Projects Region NRW/Eas, a side-boarding platform type modula ®   was constructed by the HERING team at the Oberhausen-Holten stop.

The Rhine-Ruhr region will be more closely connected with the Rhein-Ruhr Express (RRX). Within the scope of the expansion and renovation measures of the track infrastructure, in June 2019 a platform manufactured by HERING was installed at route number 2270 RRX, Außenast 5, at the Holten stop.

The components of the 220-metre-long system platform were delivered by truck; the assembly of the foundation was completed with a mobile crane – the components were delivered with a crawler crane.

Particularities:  Due to the anchoring of the overhead line, cranes with masts that could be telescoped under load had to be used. In particular, it must be noted that the crawler crane could operate while moving the HERING pre-fabricated components on its hook. This would not have been possible using the mobile crane, since this was desperately needed for use as support.  In this fashion, pre-fabricated components weighing up to 14 tonnes could be easily moved parallel to the platform and installed at height at their intended destination.

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