HERING-STIFTUNG NATUR UND MENSCH sponsors the construction of swallow towers in the Burbach region

The HERING-STIFTUNG (HERING FOUNDATION) was established for the purpose of sponsoring projects aimed at the regeneration and conservation of nature and the environment. It’s against this backdrop that the foundation is funding the ‘Burbachs artenreiche Nachbarschaft’ (‘Burbach’s Biodiverse Neighbourhood’) project initiated by the Biological Station Siegen-Wittgenstein. The project includes the construction of two swallow towers to give native house martins in the region a helping hand.

The towers were erected in the Gilsbach and Lippe districts of Burbach and were realised with concrete foundations from HERING’s prefabrication plant, metal supports and a steel frame that were then clad in timber. The HERING Group assumed responsibility for the planning, coordination and construction management.

By 29 April 2022, everything had been prepared for the construction of the first tower next to the village hall in Gilsbach. The second tower in the centre of Lippe followed on 9 May 2022. Both towers are six metres high and 3.30 metres wide.

The two swallow towers are now heaving with activity – a success that we’re really pleased with!


Information about HERING’s foundation, HERING-STIFTUNG NATUR UND MENSCH:

Nature, cycles and processes that ensure that natural diversity and abundance survive are in serious danger.
It is these areas that we wish to target with our project funding. Hering-Stiftung Natur und Mensch wants to help prevent and reduce the negative impact that humankind is having on nature and the environment and, wherever possible, mitigate or repair damage that has already occurred. We’re interested in projects that are dedicated to these goals and, within the scope of what is possible for us to do, support what we think will be useful and effective.

Find out more at https://www.hering-stiftung.de/

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