Hering toilet facilities for the Canadian mega metropolis Toronto

Toronto is located on the western shore of Lake Ontario and with over 2.5 million residents, Toronto is Canada's largest city. Hering meanwhile has 3 toilets facilities located here. 

In 2010 Hering received a framework agreement for the supply, installation and maintenance of fully automatic cleaning City-WC facilities from Astral Media, a major Canadian advertising agency.

The first toilet facility was commissioned in 2010 - another followed in spring 2012.

The third toilet facility, which was delivered by sea freight last year, was put into operation this spring. The toilet facility was equipped with a roof and façade by a local company in accordance with the requirements of the city concept. The toilet facility was put into operation by Hering at the end of March.

At the same time, the existing two plants were checked and serviced. All 3 systems have been fitted with a backup system for reporting power outages in conjunction with temperatures below 2 degrees as there have been extreme sub-zero temperatures in the last two years.

The picture below, of the partially frozen Lake Ontario, shows how cold it still was during the commissioning of the toilet facility.

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