ICE Plant in Cologne - HERING Bahnbau is Involved

The works for the nation-wide most modern ICE plant in Cologne are still ongoing.

DB Fernverkehr has invested €220 millions in this project Thus this measure is a so-called “lighthouse project” to the Deutsche Bahn.

Key data:

A new plant is built on the area of the former goods and railway yard in Cologne-Nippes for maintaining and servicing ICE trains. The core of this plant is the four-track factory work floor. The factory work floor additionally includes an operations building, ancillary workshops and a warehouse, an exterior cleaning and de-icing system, a hall with an underfloor lathe, a hall for carrying out wheel set diagnoses, an interior cleaning system as well as a cadaver pit.

The following services shall be provided for main lot 8, in which HERING Bahnbau, Wolff and Müller form a consortium:

  • New construction of about 14,670m of tracks  
  • Installation of 47 track switches
  • Installation of about 40,150t of old ballast on the construction site as base ballast
  • Installation of about 26,750t of new ballast as filling ballast
  • About 57,000m³ of excavated soil to build the trackage base
  • About 38,000m³ of excavated soil to build cable trenches and construction trenches in underground cable works
  • Make about 16,300m of cable run.

Since there is no railway siding to the new plant, all materials except the long rails will be provided by the principal and the contractor without tracks. This requires detailed logistic planning to avoid or minimise temporary storage of the construction materials.

To follow the development of this multi million project is exceptionally exciting for all parties involved. In the process, ambitious objectives are pursued: It is intended that the plant will work as eco-friendly and quietly as no other maintenance centre in Germany. The use of most modern environmental technologies ensures that it will be 100% CO₂-free. The maintenance centre will be built as a so-called “green plant” and equipped with the most modern environmental technology. Thus local electricity generation with a photovoltaic system covering an area of about 16,000 m² is planned. To heat and cool all parts of the plant, geothermic energy will be used. In the process, the plant’s own geothermal facility will work emitting zero exhaust and noise. It goes completely without the use of fossil combustibles.

Thus exactly the right field of activities for HERING Bahnbau!

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