Innovative SONO STOP.® mobile noise barrier. Prototype successfully installed!

Construction work is taking place everywhere – building sites are these days part of our everyday lives. Hering Bau GmbH & Co KG has developed the mobile and temporary SONO STOP.® noise barrier to protect the nerves and ears of local residents from construction noise and loud public events.

SONO STOP.® was realised and installed for the first time in the centre of the Saarland region’s city of Merzig in autumn 2018

The noise protection solution of the future for temporary and mobile use: SONO STOP.® may be used for a broad variety of purposes – e.g. as a mobile noise abatement solution during concerts and other events as well as at construction sites. Noise is a controversial and highly topical issue that lawmakers are increasingly focusing on. The regulations and requirements for building contractors, event organisers and building owners to protect residents are becoming more and more strict. Those responsible for specific projects are well advised to plan ahead and provide an effective and rapid noise abatement solution that will help them prevent their work from being delayed.

Premiere: SONO STOP.® was realised and installed for the first time in the centre of the Saarland region’s city of Merzig in autumn 2018.  The 60-metre-long and four-metre-high wall was erected for DB Netz AG, Regional Division West. The modular noise-absorbing wall elements by Hering SYSTEME were quickly installed with little effort. The wall elements, concrete feet, pegs and supports were delivered by truck. The system was manually installed on 19 and 20 November 2018 and left in place until the middle of December 2018 to protect residents in the Merzig station area from construction noise.

This newly developed product by Hering is trend-setting and may be used in a wide range of applications. SONO STOP.® is able to help considerably reduce noise pollution for as long as the noise abatement measures are necessary. The use of the mobile wall elements, which can be installed by third parties after a brief period of training, is of interest, for instance, to industrial companies (e.g. pump stations), construction sites of all kinds and event organisers (concerts, public screenings, city festivals, beer gardens) as well as to such noise-sensitive areas as hospitals, schools, retirement homes, to name but a few examples. The fact that prints may be attached to the walls thus allowing them to be used as advertising surfaces also makes the system attractive.

SONO STOP.® may be used individually – Hering either hires out the single elements or sells them, they are two, three and four metres high and may also, if necessary, be assembled by the customer. It’s also possible to use the highly absorbent wall elements at almost any location and in almost any environment. The standard foundation is a flat foundation with pegs.

The German Patent and Trademark Office has registered SONO STOP.® as a trademark with effect from 11 December 2018 and has thus protected it.

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