Justizzentrum (combined courts centre) Leipzig gleams with its white architectural concrete façade

A lot has happened since the refurbishment work of the Justizzentrum was commenced in 2017; the building has been given a new façade as well as a new building with residential and office units from the HERING prefabricated parts factory in Burbach. In the first part of construction, the protected building is restored for the public prosecutor’s office as well as county court and specialist court. Adjacent to it, a new building is constructed where the prison used to be.

HERING Architectural Concrete was awarded the contract for the manufacture and assembly of around 3.700m² of architectural concrete façade with a white, smooth surface.
The construction site of the Justizzentrum is steeped in history: At the times of the GDR, it was the place of execution for those sentenced to death from 1960 to 1981. The prison wing that was in the courtyard of the ground was demolished in 2002. There will be a memorial site with a museum for the former place of execution in the wing of the building Arndtstraße.

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