Track 3710 was built from 1858 to 1863 by the Duchy of Nassau. It connects Koblenz and Wetzlar (104 km) and is nestled in most sections along the winding course of the Lahn River. Today it is a cultural landmark in its Hessian section.

The stopping points are to be gradually replaced. HERING has secured the first contract for the stopping points at "Fachingen", "Balduinstein", "Obernhof" and "Nassau. It was rebuilt during a total track shutdown that was carried out during the Easter holidays and in that will continue during the Rhineland-Palatinate summer holidays 2015.

Due to the good impression that we, our employees, our foremen and skilled workers have left there, we hope to get commissioned for additional sections: "Friedrichssegen" and "Nievern” through public procurement procedures, where price and quality are decisive.

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