Large plant at the major railway-construction site at Frankfurt-Ost

HERING Bahnbau GmbH carried out the reconstruction work on a total of four kilometres of track at Frankfurt East on behalf of DB Netz AG at the beginning of May. The construction site was set up at the end of April and was reported clear as planned on 18 May.

The track was conventionally rebuilt on a section-by-section basis. A total of 251 metres of this work, including geotextile and PSS, was even carried out at night during brief service shut-downs. The four kilometres of tamping work were handled by our partner company DGU. A ballast cleaning machine was also deployed to clean 1,850 metres of track ballast. A reconstruction train was then also deployed. A total of 2,500 metres of track were rebuilt in cooperation. The renewal of the four kilometres of track was followed by the installation of around 1,700 metres of side path.

A total of 80 SKV welds were carried out, 5,000 tonnes of ballast was used and 450 tonnes of material was laid for the side path. The MFS wagons from the Large Machinery Department were also employed during the conventional conversion work as well as during the ballast cleaning operations. The two locomotives were also used for the work trains.

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