Large-scale project in Austria - 63 washroom facilities for Vienna in production

On behalf of the magistrate of the City of Vienna, Hering is constructing new washroom facilities with 2 to 4 cubicles. A total of 63 new facilities are being built at 22 locations in and around Vienna; out of these, 22 are cubicles for disabled persons according to the Ö-Norm 1600 [ecological standard], and there are 22 outside urinals. The construction project is to be completed by mid September.

Hering possesses leading know-how in the planning, development and production of public washroom facilities, and also offers maintenance and operation of the facilities. The mid sized company which is headquartered in Burbach-Holzhausen has already designed and built more than 6000 washroom facilities. A service fleet maintains 800 washroom facilities, both nationally and internationally. Aside from maintenance, the service also includes repair, remote monitoring and cleaning services.

„We are happy that we can employ our implementation expertise as experts in individual solutions to strengthen the sanitary facility structure in Austria,” states Georg Huckestein, CEO of Hering Sanikonzept GmbH.

The investment into a public washroom facility from Hering offers its operator a long term capital investment with stable operating costs, effective protection against vandalism and abuse, as well as a pleasant, hygienic and safe environment for users.

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