modula® temporary platform in the Siegen main railway station

On behalf of the builders DB AG Station & Service, Regional Area West,  Düsseldorf, the HERING team worked from 29 June to 2 August 2015 in the Siegen main railway station. In the frame of the MOF II NRW, Siegen railway station / modernisation, during the nightly shutdown periods a temporary island platform of 420 m length was constructed. The construction was made on the existing Track 6.

During the predicted lay time of approx. 2 years, the existing railway platforms were rebuilt. Both construction projects comprise 160 railway platform elements and 164 foundations that were transported by truck to the Eintracht shuntyard on the premises of KSW (Kreisbahn Siegen-Wittgenstein). The elements were reloaded here onto railway cars and travelled to the installation location, the Siegen main railway station, for unloading and assembly there with an excavator. During the work, a crossing to the adjacent central platform and connecting crossings with railings were constructed between both temporary platforms.

The assembly of the railings and lighting masts were also included in the performance package. Commissioning was punctual on 2 August 2015.

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