modula®flex platform delivered to Tapfheim

The objective of this construction project was, for the refurbishment of an existing, conventional side-boarding platform, to renovate the railway platform surface and to retrofit a guide system for visually impaired persons at the stop. Here DB AG Station & Service Regional Area South relied on HERING system platform modula®flex, which was already successfully implemented at the Walleshausen stop.

HERING was assigned with the technical processing, prefabrication and delivery of the components. A railway construction group crew should then carry out the local construction and assembly work of the 140-m long and 2.50-m wide platform.

The project has been successfully concluded in the meantime. The elements have an easily handled dimension of L/W/D = 1.35/2.50/0.08 m with a component weight of only 680 kg, are designed without steel reinforcement – which means they do not have to be earthed – and with full support on the mortar bed are highly versatile and can even be used for revamping rotten railway platforms. Hazardous area crosshatching between the platform edge and the guide system for visually impaired persons can also be integrated into the surface of the elements on demand.

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