New construction of two HERING prefabricated railway platforms in Hohenleipisch

In Hohenleipisch, the team from HERING prefabricated railway platforms erected two side-boarding platforms in modular construction, each 170 metres long, 2.50 metres wide and with a height of 55 cm above the top of rail on the track section between Berlin and Elsterwerda. In close cooperation with the customer, the company Hasselmann defined the sequence of construction.

Already beginning this past spring, the HERING factory started producing the prefabricated railway platforms including the foundation. Due to the construction sequence, the prefabricated foundations were already delivered in April and the company Hasselmann took over the installation. The first prefabricated railway platform was built at the end of May within two days using a 160 tonne mobile  crane and a railway slewing crane; the second side-boarding platform was mounted in October with the aid of two mobile cranes, one truck and a rail crane.

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