New HERING manufacturing bay as a pilot project for the betoShell® Sandwich

On 26 July HERING invited staff to the official opening of the recently completed manufacturing bay for the Public Toilet Facilities Business Area. HERING Architectural Concrete used the in-house construction project as a pilot project for its latest innovation, the betoShell® Sandwich. Using this building concept for the first time, the external walls of the bay were constructed as a sandwich structure with a facade shell made from textile-reinforced concrete which, with an overall thickness of only 29 cm, was significantly thinner than steel-reinforced sandwich facades.

The crucial advantage is that it was possible to replace even the shear connectors by the use of shear grids made from glass fibre, with the result that no thermal bridges are formed between the load-bearing shell and the facing shell. With a component size of 6.5 x 4.0 m, betoShell® Sandwich can be made much larger than the previous betoShell®  product versions. At the same time and thanks to the various treatments on different areas, the facade of the new production hall presents the wide range of design possibilities of textile-reinforced concrete surfaces.

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