New Hygiene Centre for the homeless at the Berlin Zoo train station

In December 2015 the first Hering Hygiene Centre opened at the Zoo garden railway station in Berlin. Here the homeless are able to take a shower and do their laundry free of charge. Not only are they able to do their laundry but they are also able to wash their sleeping bags and other necessities in the large washers and dryers. For the new centre, former break rooms of DB personnel were rebuilt, the old toilets were replaced by new ones and showers were installed.

Many high-ranking representatives of the German Railway and the City of Berlin were present at the opening event, including Dr. Grube, CEO of DB AG, Federal Health Minister Gröhe and Lord Mayor Müller.

The costs of approximately 300,000 Euros were covered by the German Railway and the Senatsverwaltung für Gesundheit und Soziales (The Senate Administration of Health and Social Security) is covering costs of 150,000 Euros for the maintenance. The new hygiene centre is managed by the Berliner City Mission who also takes care of the Railway Mission which is located next door.

The Hygiene Centre also provides hygiene articles such as sanitary towels and shaving kits and volunteers provide services such as haircuts and foot and nail care.

For more information on Hering Hygiene Centres, please click here.

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